Commecs College is going to introduce Humanities Group in 2021 and offer admissions, students taking up Humanities Group can take up careers in Journalism, Media Science, Psychology, Social Work

Computer Science

Intermediate Computer Science program was introduced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Commecs College in 2013. The program develops the basic scientific knowledge in the field of Physics,


Commencing in 1993, the first batch of H.S.C – Commerce passed out in the year 1995, receiving three Merit Positions. Since then the students of Commecs have not looked back.


ommecs College one of the best Intermediate colleges in Pakistan, introduced the Pre-Medical group in 2007. The program is at par with the best colleges in Karachi offering Pre-Medical group.


After having established a name for itself as one of the outstanding institutes in business studies, took upon itself the challenge of excelling among other colleges in the Science discipline as well.