Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest is simply a situation in which an individual has two separate and competing interests and it is unclear which interest will win out if it comes down to it. It is also called “duality of interest”. Hence conflict of interest applies for College where duality of interests may arise. Commecs College does not promote any interest or agenda other than laid down in its declared charter. Examples may include but are not limited to:

  1. Disseminating political agenda of any political party or group.

  2. Promoting messages of a certain sect or religious organization.

  3. Promoting any such messages that is harmful to the society in large and creating
    disharmony among the people.

  4. Undertaking any such activity, to derive any specific profit or gain, directly or indirectly,
    under the umbrella of a Nonprofit Organization.


Avoiding Conflict of Interest in Individual Cases: When anyone joins the trust/ managing committee or staff it is mandatory that the individual completes a duality of interest form and discuss possible conflicts during the recruitment process. Conflicts need not prevent from joining, but they shall be transparent from the start. All members must sign a pledge that he/she will disclose any conflicts of interest and keep the best interests of the Commecs College in mind as long as he/ she serves the organization.

Avoiding Conflicting of Interest in Organizational Cases: Commecs College shall make public its charter as well as all activities it wishes to undertake. Commecs College undertakes  that all its functions would be limited to its charter and open for public scrutiny at all points in time.