Students Code of Conduct

Students Code of Conduct

Commecs College student are expected to observe following code of conduct:

  1. Be honest, respectful, confident, disciplined, and co-operative and future oriented.
  2. Be a gentleman student and follow code of conduct under all circumstance.
  3. Violating code of conduct is liable to punishment.
  4. Owning college and its property should be special feature for every student.
  5. Give respect – Gain respect; be respectful to CR(s) and Proctor(s), and follow their instructions without arguments.
  6. Be keen to gain knowledge in all the subjects. Don’t study just to pass the examination.
  7. As smoking is injurious to health, it is strictly prohibited inside and outside the premises of college; failing to comply may lead to strict actions.
  8. Observe dress code.
  9. Be a respectable student. Maintain student like appearance. Wear neat and clean uniform. Keep your haircut proper. Polish your shows daily, and reach the College in time.
  10. Be respectful to teachers. Follow their instructions, do not argue with them, and make no disturbances during classes.
  11. Wear the college ID card all the time while in campus.
  12. Pay attention to all the announcements and other instructions made in Morning assembly. Attending assembly is mandatory.
  13. Bunking is a severe breach of conduct and is dealt with strictly. Make the best use of all the college resources i.e. library, IT, Sports etc.
  14. Move in and outside the class in a disciplined smooth and noiseless manner.
  15. Do not possess any undesired items such as cameras, mobiles, perfumes etc.
  16. Maintain the decorum of the class, auditorium, cafeteria, playgrounds and other such places of the campus.
  17. Exhibit self-control during different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  18. Feel importance of the College education; be regular and punctual, and never miss the College.
  19. Be a responsible student; bring your books, notebooks, and stationery daily according to the timetable.
  20. Bringing cell phone to college is prohibited. College phone can be used if any communication with parents is required.
  21. Misuse of social media is not acceptable at all and college has zero tolerance policy in this context.
  22. Always be ambitious to achieve something incredible.
  23. Enjoying food items at a place other than cafeteria or backyard is considered an undesirable act.


Respect for Others

It is expected to have a healthy relation between a teacher and student. A relation of respect and care between the two can benefit a great deal in learning. Notwithstanding the fact that children are taught to be respectful to others, College also preaches character building and students are advised to adopt the following within college premises.

  1. Greet or wish “Asalam o Alaikum” to their teachers and every senior they encounter.
  2. Keep their voice pitch low.
  3. Display politeness, kindness and a helping tone when with peers.