Mr. Justice Faisal Arab

Honourable Mr. Justice Faisal Arab was enrolled as Advocte of the lower courts in 1990, as Advocate of the High Court in the year 1992 and as Advocate of the Supreme Court in 2005. Justice Faisal Arab commenced his journey as a lawyer in 1989 when he took an internship in the law firm of a leading lawyer of this country and a former Judge of the Supreme Court Mr. Justice (Retd) Fakharuddin G. Ebrahim. When Mr. Fakharuddin G. Ebrahim became Governor of Sindh, he joined the law firm Surridge & Beecheno in February 1990 and when Mr. Fakharuddin G. Ebrahim rejoined his profession after his resignation from the office of Governorship, he joined him again in October 1990 and worked with him upto October 2000 where after he established his own law firm in the name of Faisal Arab & Associates. Justice Faisal Arab also worked for the Federation of Pakistan as its Standing Counsel from 1st October 2004 till 24th October 2005. He was then elevated as Additional Judge of the Sindh High Court on 25th October 2006. After his elevation to the High Court, he closed down his law firm.


It is truly remarkable to note that Justice Faisal Arab was among those Judges of the Sindh High Court who withstood all pressures and temptations to take oath under the Provincial Constitutional Order (PCO) of November 2007 and only joined the judiciary after the restoration of the constitutional regime. During he period the remained Judge of the High Court, he was appointed as Member of the Election Commission of Pakistan on 21st November 2009. On 15th June 2011, he was appointed as Member Federal Revenue Board. On 20th November 2013, he was assigned the responsibility as the President of the Special Court that was established to try General (R) Pervez Musharaf for the offence of high treason under the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973. Justice Faisal Arab’s true reflection as a Judge of high esteem became evident when he conducted the trail in the High treason case in the fairest and unbiased manner.


On 17th February 2015, Justice Faisal Arab was appointed as Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh and after performing his duties as Chief Justice for about ten months, he was elevated as Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 14th December 2015.