Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy for Students

In today’s era of technology where social media has an undeniable influence and impact on everyone’s life, there is a dire need to chalk out a path for its safe usage. Students need to be aware of its Dos and Don’ts to avoid any situation which can be detrimental to the College repute and its community including students themselves. Commecs College has, therefore devised a social media policy for its students. Social Media Policy guidelines for students are as under:

  1. Students are not allowed to add their teachers in their friend list on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

  2. Student can, however, use WhatsApp for academic purpose and to receive official information. WhatsApp group separate for boys and girls will be maintained and administered by class teacher.

  3. As an ambassador of the College, students are expected not to post things which can embarrass them in front of their teachers and parents as well as damage College’s prestige and reputation.

  4. Students cannot share personal information or picture of teachers, staff of the College or their peers without their consent.

  5. Students cannot discuss, post or share policy matters and other official information of the College on Social Media without prior permission of the College management.

  6. Cyber bullying of peers and College staff is punishable.

  7. Students cannot create or join any political or religious group where they are identified as students of Commecs College.

  8. For any ambiguity students are to seek help of their teachers or college management.

Commecs is a highly reputable educational institute and has always been vigilant in maintaining its good name. To maintain the sanctity of educational institute, such policies are necessary. All the students are expected to abide by this to ensure safe and responsible use of Social Media.


Social Media Policy for Faculty and Administration

1. The use of Social Media in the contemporary would requires a lot of care and caution to avoid any undesirable consequences. Here are the policy guidelines for use of Social Media by Commecs College employees.

  1. All teachers and support staff using Social Media must ensure that currently enrolled students of Commecs College are not on their friend list.

  2. Teachers are allowed to maintain WhatsApp group separate for boys and girls for academic purposes to share study material and other official information. However, while sharing content they should be vigilant and must not share anything which does not fit to our stature. Class teacher is to act as an administrator of the group.

  3. Teachers and support staff are not allowed to share pictures of their students or colleagues on Social Media without their consent. Not only students, parents may also dislike having photos of children online which will be a violation of their privacy.

  4. Teachers and support staff are not to share policy matters and other copyright information of the College on Social Media without permission of the College management.

2. Since online “conversations” are never private, we must exercise good judgment in all situations. Our behavior should be a matter of pride for our self as well as the institution.